Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wanted to be needed ...

... wanted to be necessary, but became merely ubiquitous.
... wanted to be desired, to be a beloved entertainment, but made of myself a summer rerun, a tired peep show.
It’s one of the laws of television that, if there’s a regular series that you seldom watch or a program you enjoy but have missed for several weeks, then the episode that you tune into on a bored and lonely night will be one that you’ve already seen.

That was me. I was that episode.
Every day.
Familiar, tired, seemingly full of energy but actually a rerun, an electronic ghost repeating its final actions again and again throughout eternity.

Hell as TV Land.

When Dick Van Dyke dies, he’ll go to Nick At Night and spend his hereafter tripping over foot stools. And me ... I'll do what it is I do. Forever.