Friday, December 04, 2009

Magical implements

Sorry for another hiatus from the blog, but it's been a busy time. There are now nearly 40 items in my Etsy store, including some handmade "magical implements" that you must see to believe. Magicians and vampire hunters will be glad to know their accessory needs are being met.

Also, I'm still working on two longterm projects: a novel version of the "Traveler" chapters from my "366 Days" project; and a novel about my "Tom Caliban" character (working title "Tender Mercies of the Wicked").

I'm on vacation next week, and among all the things I hope to accomplish are completing those two projects and catching up on my reading. (Also clearing the DVR of all those old "V" episodes I recorded during the Syfy channel's recent marathon.) I'm thinking of posting a sample from the Caliban project here. We'll see.

Hope your Christmas holiday season is getting off to a good start.