Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artsy stuff

The promised photos from Arts Night at the Unitarian Universalist Church last Friday:

ABOVE: Ken Sizemore played selections from the 1940s and 1950s, including a singalong to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and "Cool Water." (He was nice enough to run out and get his guitar when the scheduled artist didn't show up.) That's Chris' wife, Melissa Arrant, to the left.
ABOVE: Lynn Wallace, Chris Arrant, and me, Facebook-style.

Artist Kelly Duncan, center, speaks to Mary Keith, right. Check out more about Kelly here.

Chris gave me a couple of comics, including his Princess Diana biography. The other was HIGH MOON, by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis. You know my lunar fixation, if you've read any of my recent short stories here. This is a Sergio Leones werewolf tale, with steampunk elements thrown in. The art is stylish and full of energy. The story took some time to get into, seemed a little choppy, but was overall very effective. It originally appeared as a web comic under DC Comic's "Zuda" brand. You can find more at http://www.zuda.com/
It's today's pick:


Friday, September 25, 2009

Word from Arts Night

The word is IMPROVISE.

We had to do a bit of that, as the musical guest was a no-show. Instead, a member of the group hurried home, grabbed his guitar and came back to sing some Sons of the Pioneers for us, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I'll post photos tomorrow and tell more about the evening, but I want to give a big shout out to my hosts, Chris and Melissa Arrant. Chris also gifted me with his latest comic, which is a nice, slick production, well illustrated and well-written. It has been getting press all over the world, so he has much to be proud of. You may have heard of the subject, if not the comic:

It's Today's Pick.
We'll talk more tomorrow. I'll fill you in on what we find at the yard sales, and you can tell me ... whatever you'd like to share.


Another Arts Night is upon us

The Unitarian Universalist church in Panama City has its celebration of the arts tonight. Click the link for the details.

I enjoyed the last time I was there quite a bit. Click here for photos and more info about that night.

I plan to read a couple of my short stories from the "366 Days" project. Anyone who has read those is welcome to make a suggestion in the comments.

Unfortunately, this is the same night that Northview High School plays the local Bozeman school in football, and my niece is on the Northview flag corps. The fam is going to see the ballgame and support Megan, but I have this prior commitment I need to keep.

Sometimes, don't you wish you could be in two places at once?

Anyway, come out and see me tonight. Or, go to Bozeman and see the game and cheer on the Northview flag corps.


Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

"I'm trying to shut up and let my angels speak to me," he said in an interview with Barbara Walters last fall.
Tonight's pick:

Say g'night, Patrick.