Thursday, July 30, 2009

11 Days Later...

Today's word: Prodigal. (And I'm referring to the way I squander time...)

A lot has happened since July 19, my last post, and I apologize for being away from this particular outlet for so long. Mostly I've been working during the days and exhausted at night. A few evenings in the pool. A few days and nights working on the garage and attic. Reading a pre-publication copy of my friend Michael Lister's upcoming novel. Reading "The Living Dead."

Reading this:

Which I got for my birthday, and which deserves a full review of its own. (Short version: Lovely. Highly recommended.)

Reading this:

Which my friend Brady Calhoun loaned me, and which also deserves a review of its own soon. (Short version: eh. Despite my utter regard -- Brady might say "man crush" -- for Neil Gaiman, it left me cold.)

-Watching Leverage, Being Human, Primeval, Doctor Who, The Philanthropist, Moonshot (which also deserves a review). Google'em if you're curious.

-Working on turning "The Traveler" from my "366 Days" project into an actual novel.

-Scanning old family photos to share with the family. Like this one, for instance:

Say G'night, kids.



S. Brady Calhoun said...

Look, Look it's the 70s

Unknown said...

"Working on turning "The Traveler" from my "366 Days" project into an actual novel."

This is wonderful news!