Thursday, July 30, 2009

11 Days Later...

Today's word: Prodigal. (And I'm referring to the way I squander time...)

A lot has happened since July 19, my last post, and I apologize for being away from this particular outlet for so long. Mostly I've been working during the days and exhausted at night. A few evenings in the pool. A few days and nights working on the garage and attic. Reading a pre-publication copy of my friend Michael Lister's upcoming novel. Reading "The Living Dead."

Reading this:

Which I got for my birthday, and which deserves a full review of its own. (Short version: Lovely. Highly recommended.)

Reading this:

Which my friend Brady Calhoun loaned me, and which also deserves a review of its own soon. (Short version: eh. Despite my utter regard -- Brady might say "man crush" -- for Neil Gaiman, it left me cold.)

-Watching Leverage, Being Human, Primeval, Doctor Who, The Philanthropist, Moonshot (which also deserves a review). Google'em if you're curious.

-Working on turning "The Traveler" from my "366 Days" project into an actual novel.

-Scanning old family photos to share with the family. Like this one, for instance:

Say G'night, kids.



S said...

Look, Look it's the 70s

Lou said...

"Working on turning "The Traveler" from my "366 Days" project into an actual novel."

This is wonderful news!