Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back again, with some St. Patrick's gold

Or rather, sharing some stuff in case you're interested.
1) My Sunday column about Jillian Weise and her novel, The Colony.
2) A rewritten/updated version of an interview I did some years ago with Star Trek's Robin Curtis.
3) A rewritten version of an interview I did with my friend Janis Owens when she released her Cracker Kitchen cookbook.

This week, I'm working on a column about the local vinyl record store, which occupies an old skating rink that turns out to have been constructed using timbers from the old L&N train station in Century, Florida, where I grew up. I'll link to that this weekend. (Dad asked me to write a guest column for the Historical Society about the place also. -- And speaking of that, I've been invited to the April 24 spring celebration in Century, where I hope to sell a few books, maybe.)

Currently reading: DC Showcase Presents "House of Secrets" -- loaned to me by my friend Brady. He also recently loaned me the Showcase collection of the Warlord series by Mike Grell. I'll tell you more later and provide some links.

Just watched: "The Time Traveler's Wife" on DVD. Loved the book. The movie touched me too. I'll give a deeper review in the neat future.

Be back soon, I promise.
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