Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Century and More

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be visiting Century to participate in Sawmill Day and (with any luck) sell some books. The luck was not so good. It rained, off and on, and the crowd was light. Few books were sold. But I got to see lots of family and a few old friends I seldom see, so I'm counting it as a win.

Here's a column I wrote about the day for The News Herald (with a few photos).

I spent some time yesterday in a waiting room as my wife had some "procedures" (she came out okay). And read several chapters of a recent entry in Simon Greene's "Nightside" series, "Just Another Judgment Day." I really enjoy this series, which is heavy on surreal elements, snarky humor, references to other writers' work (this one has him run into an alternate version of Moorcock's "Eternal Champion" whom he called the "Fractured Protagonist"). He also stops Dr. Frankenstein's latest creation, and that's all in the first few chapters. Spooky good fun.

Finally, I'd like to bid farewell to Frank Frazetta, whose art graced the covers of many a book, magazine, comic, or movie poster of my youth. His work gave Conan form beyond the imagination, and brought the creatures of Pellucidar and John Carter's Mars to life. Here's an appreciation page from the LA Times.


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