Friday, August 28, 2015

Superheroes Aliens Robots Zombies - First trilogy now on sale!

Cover art by Rob Woodrum
My friend Mark Boss has finally released the first three books of his new series, SUPERHEROES ALIENS ROBOTS ZOMBIES. If you like any one of those four subjects, you will devour these books. I have read them (during the editing/writing phase) and loved them. Each book comes with bonus materials, as well.

The story follows a boatload of vibrant characters, from Special Agent Kyle Kane, who first battles the zombies in a small town and eventually plays a major roll countering an alien invasion; Vigilant, the high-tech vigilante; Schroeder and Alvin, the sniper and his smartgun; Protor and his robot brethren; Hook, the singularity in human form, and his robot spider soldiers; and so many more!

<< The story starts with this volume, which is ONLY 99 CENTS for Kindle devices. (Disclaimer: Mark has included part of my THIS MORTAL FLESH novel as bonus material in this volume.)

Cover by Jayson Kretzer
<< It continues with ROBOT REVOLUTION (which includes a short story about the character SCHROEDER), and comes to its interplanetary conclusion with ALIEN INVASION (which includes a behind-the-scenes essay about the origins of Mark's ideas, characters, and more).

Cover by Jayson Kretzer

You can find out more about Mark at these links:
>>His author website
>>His Twitter page
>>His blog site
>>His Goodreads page

Mark Boss at CreativeCon 2K15
Mark is a fellow member of the Coffeehouse Syndicate (a group of friends that get together once a week for lunch and conversation about movies, comics, TV, creativity and how we're going to take over the world), as well as The Cheshires writing group in Panama City. We also shared a table recently at Creative Con, where we shilled each other's work. I'm telling you all this for two reasons: 1) Transparency, and 2) I know what I'm talking about. Mark puts real thought and love into his work, which is fast-moving, hard-hitting, full of surprises and big ideas, as well as the smaller moments that make the action worthwhile.
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