Thursday, October 01, 2009

Another day older ...

... and deeper in debt.

Don't get me started on that. I'm working on it. Maybe I'll have something to show for it soon. I'll let you know. (I'm seeking freelance work online, preparing to open an online store, and gearing up to start an online quarterly magazine version of 'City Limits' with a new title, edgier design and content.)

It's busy in my brain right now.

Meanwhile, check out my recent story about the tomorrow's premiere of Stargate Universe, the latest incarnation of the longrunning franchise, to see what you might want to watch (or record) Friday night. (There's video at the second link.) It's Tonight's Pick.

Also just got added to the DC Comics media reviewers list, meaning they will be sending me advance copies of some of their publications for preview/review purposes. (I used to be on the Marvel list way back in the 20th century.) Anyway, I should have plenty to keep you entertained in coming months, so tell your friends and neighbors they ought to be reading this blog.

Today's Word: Freelance.


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