Thursday, September 30, 2010

Participating authors list

 The library released a list of all the authors who have signed on for the local Books Alive event on Oct. 29-30. In addition to the featured speakers listed previously and your humble blogger, these folks will be there to sign books, tell stories, and so on:

Charles Bryant
Norma Bowen
Sam Homola
Ed Offley
Mike McKinny
Gloria Walters
Paul Lowery
Marlene Womack
Dean Minton
Jean Mallory
Ron Frazer
Michael Brim writing as Michael Goldcraft
Sharla Shults
Jeannie Weller
Bill Hash
Wanda Goodwin
T. Marie Smith
Chuck Waldron
Laurie Elberle
Ann Houpt
Kay McClucken
Anne Ake
Ytearie E. DeValt-Stevenson
Paul McAuliffe
Dr. John A. Ramsey
Jack Saunders
Bob Farsky

Google'em if you're interested. >>Click here for the other details. I'll be sure to revisit this event throughout the month.
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