Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Blog: Rosemary Beach Writers Conference

So I have spent the past three days at the Rosemary Beach Conference for Writers. I plan to share some of the  lessons, prompts, activities and so forth in the coming days and weeks. Tonight, I'm still processing, so I'm just going to share a few photos.

At left: After the last session, I strolled down to Amavida coffee shop and ordered a regular coffee. The fine folks there know me, and they gave me the "locals" discount. I saw the conference poster and asked if I could gank it, since the thing was over now. As you can see, they said okay.

Next is an image of some of my fellow students and teacher Lynne Barrett explaining Twitter hashtags to them. We started using #rosemarybch12 for posts.

Next we have words of wisdom from John Dufresne, at least as misquoted in my notes. Think about that for a minute.

Yes, that's right. Trouble.

Leonard Nash is at the podium, Day 2, and he's about to talk to us about memoirs. "Writing your life," was the topic. We explored lists as prompts for examining all "the days our lives," as Grandma Simmons' favorite soap opera put it.

This is where the magic happened. Town Hall of Rosemary Beach. Through that door walked world builders and trouble makers and story shapers.

And me, too.

And here's the awesome hamburger I had at Wild Olives on Day 1. My cardiologist would not approve, so don't tell him. Bonus: I didn't have to eat for two days afterward.

One of my favorite views in Rosemary Beach is this vantage point from the south end of Main Street by the beach bath houses, looking north across the green.

I have a couple more photos on my camera (these were sent by phone to Foursquare) and I'll add those over the weekend as I return to talk about the lessons. I hope your week has been as filled with creativity and inspiration as mine -- but somehow I doubt it.


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