Thursday, February 07, 2013

Books Alive 2013 Photo Post (2 of2)

FSU-PC Holley Center

Books Alive took place at FSU-PC this year, moving across the street from its former home at GCSC. The move allowed the author tables to occupy the main floor entrance, meaning great traffic, and the rooms are larger, meaning fewer standing-room-only situations. Also, you can't beat the view of the bay. The local "authors" got the prime location at the entrance, and the featured ones shared tables across from the book sales area.

Kayla and Nick May
I was set up beside Nick May, who was accompanied by his wife Kayla. (Two of my favorite people on the planet, if I haven't told you this before, which made for a fun morning.) They brought a candy dish but no candy, so I put my cough drops in it.

Wilson, Angier
Greg Wilson and David Angier shared a table. They co-wrote "Salvaged Santa," and David just released "The Madness of Joe Francis." David and I were longtime colleagues at The News Herald, and we're hoping to write a novel together later this year. Probably most of that work will involve sitting by a fire and drinking manly portions of alcohol.

Murphy on Skype

I was assigned to introduce and moderate the session for Mary Murphy, a former CBS 60 Minutes producer who made the documentary "Hey, Boo," about the writing of "To Kill a Mockingbird," the production of the film and the cultural impact of the two. She was sick, however, and couldn't travel, so we ended up connecting with her via Skype.


Jayson Kretzer purchased a "33 Days" combo pack from me of my "pamphlet" of 10 flash-fictions based on the songs on The Offer's album of the same name, along with a copy of the album. David Angier also picked up the two-fer. I was pleased with sales this year, especially because of the variety of things I sold, including both of my novels, both of my short story collections, one of my column collections, one of the anthologies I edited, and a couple of the anthologies I have stories in. It's good to offer folks choices, I reckon.

Boss and a Hat

Mark Boss is a writer friend of mine. You should download his books now before he becomes famous and expensive. (I read a chapter of his new Untitled Crime Novel today, and it's fantastic.) I joined him and our mutual writing friends Carole and Ruth for lunch, then left my trademark hat behind when I hurried back to the conference. Mark was kind enough to save it from a life of abandonment and misery, selling itself on the streets just to get by.

Me and Kathie
Terra and Me
This is the part where I get to hug people, which is always my favorite part. Kathie Bennett is the daughter of Gerry and Barbara Clemons, and the sister of (among other siblings) Scott Clemons. She's a literary publicist for many of the authors at Books Alive, and she's a source of encouragement for me. I appreciate her more than I can say. When I asked her if one of the authors might be interested in visiting my Education Encore class while they were here, she suggested the gig to Terra Elan McVoy, who was -- let's face it -- pretty awesome. My class loved her, which just goes to show that they do have good taste in writers, despite listening to anything I've been telling them. Now I have to go back and continue to teach the class after she just raised the bar.

Morris and Owens

Jacqueline West
These next pics are pretty well self-explanatory, as they represent authors meeting fans and telling stories and signing books. The only one I want to make special mention of is Michael Morris and Janis Owens. I joke that coincidence surrounds them to such an extent that the universe has begun to revolve around them. Then I take this picture, after which Janis tells the lady in black that "Tony comes from your neck of the woods." The lady is named Lydia. She lives in Pensacola. Her next-door neighbor is Buck Showalter, former manager of the New York Yankees, who hails from my home town. His dad was my middle school principal. His mom was friends with my grandmother. His sister was a counselor at the elementary school when my son attended there. I wrote the newspaper article when the town renamed the baseball park after him and his dad, "Showalter Park." Then Michael and Lydia start quoting the same Bible verse as they discuss how Lydia was the name of Paul's first convert; Lydia is the name of the main character in Michael's next novel, which he's calling "The First Convert." See what I mean?
Terra Elan McVoy

Erin and Erica (Go Gators!)
Last photo is of two of my coworkers at The News Herald (the only two I saw that day), one of whom was brave enough to wear her Gator jacket to Seminole territory.

I marked this entry as No. 2 of 2, but I believe I will be following it up in a few days with some thoughts on the event as a whole, with a couple more photos.  Right now, I need to get back to work. This novel is not going to rewrite itself.

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