Monday, January 06, 2014

Where I Am Online and Why

My website got a makeover this year. It is here<< and it has lots of great info about all of my books, book trailers and more.

This << is my author profile page at Amazon, which lists all my books you can get through that source. I'm pretty happy to be there, and will be releasing more new books and products through this venue in the near future.

I tweet about anything I see that interests me here: I also have a twitter account for "official" use on News Herald websites, but I seldom use it. (I also have a third twitter account that seemed funny at the time, but I never go there any more. Don't go there.)

This where I lurk on Tumblr, reposting things that are cool, make me grin, or relate to my writing. Also lots of Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman and Star Trek, which is what the Internet was invented for.

Facebook continues to be an obsession. I have this page for my fans, this page for my new book (Dragon Rising) and its subsequent series, this page for my recent zombie short story collection (Tales of the Awakening Dead) and its subsequent series, this page I participate on for the sake of Graphic Knowledge.

Speaking of Graphic Knowledge, you can download the app (and a free trial issue) here<< and you can check out our website and blog here<< where we talk about comics and geek culture.

My weekly columns for and The News Herald can be found by looking for any Undercurrents titles here<< (Some of these are rewritten/repurposed items from this blog, or vice versa.)

Here's my FourSquare page.

My Instagram.

My Linked-In. (Whatever that is.)

I'm on GoodReads, though God knows what good it is.

I still have a MySpace, though I seldom even visit there.

You can check out some of my self-published stuff in my "author spotlight" page at Lulu. (While you're there, click some review buttons. I'd appreciate it.)

I have a YouTube account as well. There's no telling what you'll find there, as it has been used for book trailers, News Herald work, home videos, short films and so forth.

I'm probably other places online also, but just can't recall it right now. If I've forgotten something, feel free to point out my pathetic memory in the comments.

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