Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Station Identification 2015

The net is a big place. Here are most of the places you can find me:

tweet about anything I see that interests me here: Twitter.com/midnightonmars.

I have a tumblr here that sees irregular use, but I still like it.

And if you want to know about me? See my About Me page.

This bad boy is my Amazon Author page. I sure could use some reviews. If you've read one of my books, please take a moment to give it a star or 5 and a word or two.

Facebook will be getting a lot more attention from me this year, as I plan to launch a sequence of novels, including the first in a series that will be, and has been, my life's obsession.
- Find me at Facebook.com/WriterTonySimmons
- Check out my Tales of the Awakening Dead Facebook, which will soon have new info as a new "tale" is published.
- Here's the Facebook page for my slowly developing series The Shadow War.
- And here's the Facebook page for Graphic Knowledge, where we share geek culture.

Although the sites keep changing, you can currently see my columns and random blogs for The News Herald here<< (Some of these are rewritten/repurposed items from this blog, or vice versa.)

My Instagram account is MidnightOnMars also.

I'm on Foursquare, but seldom try to use it since the latest updates require an additional app to do what you used to do on Foursquare.

I still have a MySpace, though I seldom even visit there.

I'm also on Google Plus, but not sure why.

You can check out my self-published stuff in my "author spotlight" page at Lulu. (While you're there, click some review buttons. I'd appreciate it.)

I have a YouTube account as well. There's no telling what you'll find there, as it has been used for News Herald work, home videos, short films and so forth.

This is me at Linked In. I have no idea what use this place is, and I haven't updated it in a while.

I'm probably other places online also, but just can't recall it right now.
If you can recall, please remind me.
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