Friday, April 24, 2015

Making the rounds on Record Store Day

Vinyl Press in Panama City
SEASIDE — I started my Saturday morning last weekend standing in a line winding up the exterior stairs at Central Square Records in Seaside. We were there in the fog for first dibs at special releases available on Record Store Day. I had a short list of titles to look for — most importantly, Polaris’ “Music from The Adventures of Pete and Pete,” which a helpful store associate helped me locate.

The store was packed, but all the extra clerks made the experience much easier and more pleasant than you might expect. Not only that, but everyone combing the shelves seemed genuinely excited to be sharing their love for vinyl music with like-minded folks.

Conversations broke out in the lines. People complimented each other’s T-shirts or musical choices. Lots of pleasantries passed as we reached past one another or handed items back to someone who couldn’t quite reach the shelf. I even saw someone give up an album they had picked out, handing it over to someone else who wanted it too.

It was a pretty cool morning.

I left Central Square with most of what I had come there seeking, but wanted to stop by another shop before calling it a day. That took me all the way back into downtown Panama City.

Record Store Redux

PANAMA CITY — Vinyl Press has relocated from its original space beside Mosey’s to inside A&M Theatre, 563 Harrison Ave. The old location, as anyone who visited there would know, sloped to one side like a villain’s lair in the old “Batman” TV series.

When it became clear the floor couldn’t be fixed inexpensively, and with Record Store Day approaching, brothers and co-owners Ryan and Patrick Burkett decided to move the stock a few blocks away and up a flight of stairs. Want more details about the shop? Check out Vinyl-Press on Facebook.

The evening before Record Store Day, the shop hosted a grand re-opening party with live music by SuperMoon, Dirt Don’t Hurt and The Burl. I had the honor of being the first customer to hit up the new credit card reader, grabbing a special edition single by Johnny Marr (“I Feel You” backed with “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”) for my son.

While at Vinyl Press, I also got a chance to touch base with local artist Eric Jones, whose work has been displayed at both locations of the record store. The former owner of the Corner Gallery, Eric is participating in “Colors,” the next exhibition at A&M, opening at 6 p.m. May 1 in conjunction with Friday Fest downtown. If you have work that might fit the theme, email

Meanwhile, put another platter on the turntable.


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