Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting in Tunesday

Been listening a lot recently to a new "listener-supported" radio station, 88.3 FM, "The Way." I have it streaming as I'm writing this. They play what we used to call "contemporary" Christian music, but they have it mixed in with other artists that might be considered more "secular" like The Fray. It's positive messages, inspirational, and just what I needed. Give it a listen.

On the subject of music: Today I rewrote my recent entry about Bowie for use in the Entertainer, which reminded me of a promise I made to post my interview with River Jordan. So there.

River's first novel was the story of a woman going home to settle some hanging threads in her life. It's got a jukebox soundtrack. It was called: The Gin Girl and it's Today's Pick.

Today's Word: Fray.

Say G'night, Fray.


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