Saturday, May 23, 2009


Had an overnight visit Friday night from Debra's sister and her family. They spent the day at yardsales and shopping, had Coram's for lunch. Busy couple of days, what with all the painting of Nathan's room Thursday and Friday. Maybe do some family stuff tomorrow. (Nathan is housesitting for the Raders, who are playing in Orlando this weekend, and Jessi has gone from one gathering of friends to another.) Earlier tonight, Debra and I went to Sonic for shakes, then drove into a new subdivision and looked at the model houses just for fun, then stopped by the cemetery. We thought about the past and talked about the future.

Today's Word(s): Empty Nest Syndrome.

Today's Pick: "All Good Things"

Bought in hardback at Good Will today. Novel based on finale of The Next Generation, written by a favorite comic writer from back in the day.

All Good Things ... Must Come to an End.


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