Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Best of Days

I finally finished the editing and formatting process for this 222-page selection from my "366 Days" project, representing what I hope were the best of the flash fictions, haiku, character studies, short stories, and experimental pieces from that year-and-a-day of work. The Best of Days collection does not include "The Traveler" chapters, which are being developed into a novella, or "The Year of the Comet" chapters, which may be resurrected as well. But there are some personal faves in here, and a few that people remarked upon as their own favorites.

If you hit the link above and buy one before the end of the month, you can get it at 20 percent off the regular price. When I bring them out to the public at the Oct. 29-30 Books Alive! event at the library, they'll be at full price.

I'm pretty pleased with the work in this one. Every piece has a different style and feel, and there's more humor than I remember (it was a pretty dark time I was working through). I'm proud to have my name on these stories. I hope you'll check them out.

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