Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Glimpses Through a Bay Window

Short photo post tonight:

After leaving work, I headed over to the library where a showing of Barbara Mulligan's work is being exhibited this month. Tonight was the opening of her posthumous "Bay Windows" show, which will hang until February. Read all about it here.

I got to speak with Barbara's husband, George, and her sons Sean and Mark, all of whom were very kind in remarking on my columns or reporting in the past. I also got to speak with some friends and acquaintences, including Bettina Mead and Rebecca Saunders of the library, Martha Spiva (who is still finalizing her husband Ernest's memoir), Carroll McCauley, John McDonald, and Alvin Peters.

Above left is George, talking with visitors to the exhibit. At right are Rebecca and Bettina, discussing upcoming library events.

(The big event coming up is the annual Books Alive festival of reading, which will be Feb. 5 at Gulf Coast Community College. Some years I have participated as a local author, and some years I have served as a moderator and author wrangler. I hope to do a little of both this year. I'll let you know.)

If you're in the area, make time to go see the art and consider the talent and dedication of a truly visionary local artist.



Mark Boss said...

Hey Tony, careful with that 'author wrangler' work at Books Alive. Some of those authors go rogue, and once they get a taste for human flesh... Just keep a whip and a chair handy.

heh heh

Hope to see you there February 5th.

Unknown said...

From Deano, via email: "Barbara and George were active in the Sister City program in the late 80's when Panama City reached out to the Soviet Union's resort city of Sochi. Barbara's interests and spirit stretched beyond the boundaries of Bay County. She will be missed."