Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Can Be Okay

Shameless pimping:

"Nathan Simmons and Andrew Hubbard are pleased to bring you 12 songs they collaborated on over the course of a semester at the University of West Florida in 2010. Mixing confessional lyrics with a pop/folk sensibility, these are songs you will hopefully have stuck in your head until they get around to recording again!"

'You Can Be Okay' is available on CD for $8.

It's good stuff, if you like that hippie rock'n'roll stuff, written and performed by my son Nathan and his friend Andrew.

In other news:

I met with a group of folks at the Bay County Public Library tonight to discuss plans for observing Banned Books Week in September, and also for marking the 25th anniversary since Bay County had a national spotlight turned on its leadership when some fundamentalist locals decided the books in a few teachers' classroom libraries should be removed from ALL schools; the superintendent put together a list of 60-some-odd books and stories that were to be removed from schools (including several Shakespeare plays); people began speaking in tongues during School Board meetings; a fire was started under a TV reporter's car in the middle of the night; teachers received death threats that the cops didn't investigate; Oprah came for a visit ... The story goes on and on. It was going to be a TV movie (one of our members has the third draft of a Warner Bros. script to prove it).

I will be moderating a discussion on banned books and censorship during the Feb. 5 "Books Alive" event at Gulf Community (State?) College, featuring some of the people involved in this part of our local history. Be sure to come check it out.

Carry on.
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