Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lunch and other Delights

Had a pleasant lunch with author Michael Morris, his publicist Kathie Bennett, her brother (and Panama City mayor) Scott Clemons, and reading specialist Milinda Jay from FSU-PC. We had sandwiches and tea at The Rabbit Hole downtown and spent an hour talking about everything important under the sun — family, friends, writing, writers, publishing, trends, newspapers, web sites, and on and on.

Michael asked if I blog, and as I intended to direct him here I decided I should have something fresh for him to read. (Hi, Michael!) So you have him to blame for this.

Kathie kindly offered to take a look at some of my work and see if she would be amenable to representing me as an agent, so I will be bugging her over the next couple of weeks. It will also mean I'll be focusing on what I really want to do with my life rather than posting rewrites of old articles so much.

Speaking of which:
Author Silas House Shares Southern State of Mind
is my latest, in case you're interested.

I plan to post something more substantial about Michael soon. (I'm planning to attend his Thursday night presentation at FSU-PC.) Meanwhile, you can check out my recent Sunday column about him.

And for those late arrivals, here are some more links to my online work:

— My latest blog at is about Grandma's Car
— My latest Undercurrents columns, collected at
— Most of my 366 Days short stories project

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