Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vintage 'MidnightOnMars'

I opened an online store at recently. You can find it here under the name of MidnightOnMars. I'll be offering vintage books and handmade "art" - look for my vampire hunter kits, magic wands and other fun stuff soon.

Currently, I only have five books listed; I posted 2 on my first day and they sold overnight. I'm hoping the rest will take off that way.

Today, yard saling with the wife, we came across a woman selling totes full of old pulp detective novels in very good condition from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. I bought 311 paperbacks for $10. I'll be posting them at Etsy in the next few weeks. If you like pulp books, you'll love these, and the prices will be lower than you'll find elsewhere (one of the books I picked up is listed "Buy It Now" on ebay for $65; I'll probably put it on sale for $20, for example).

Anyway, I also posted a couple more re-written features from earlier in my career. (These could also be categorized as "vintage MidnightOnMars," eh?) Check these out:

Florida Crime Keeps Author Tim Dorsey in Stories
Caricaturist Dean Minton Lives Exaggerated Life (look for an update on this one soon, as Deano has a new novel coming out soon and I'll be providing a preview of it)

It's been a long, busy day. I'll visit more tomorrow, with any luck.

Take care out there.

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