Monday, November 23, 2009

Pulp Fiction

I have begun posting my pulp fiction finds at my Etsy store. Check out this beauty from 1954:

I also have posted two more resurrected and repurposed features at Suite101:

River Jordan Breathes Life into Southern Tales


Artist Wants Public to be Touched by His Angels

Right now (well not this moment, but for a few days now and for a few days more) I'm reading "The Tomb," the first of the Repairman Jack novels by F.Paul Wilson. About 60 pages in, and it still hasn't developed a plot, just introduced lots of characters with problems for Jack to fix. But it's part of his "Adversary Cycle" about cosmic forces battling for the earth, so I'm expecting it to pick up steam pretty fast. (Wilson is the author of The Keep, and this story is an offshoot of that, so I understand.)

It's Today's Pick.


Oh. Okay. One more for the road:

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