Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Promises Kept, if Overdue

In recent weeks , I have made promises that I have failed to keep to you, my unknown and perhaps imaginary readers. I will try today to remedy that oversight.

Wednesday, March 17, I promised to tell you more about DC Showcase Presents "House of Secrets" by various writers and artists, and the Showcase collection of "The Warlord" series by Mike Grell. The quick version:

I skipped most of the "Secrets" because every single 4- or 8-page tale was a "twist" ending that either made no sense or you saw coming from a mile off. Those get tiring very quickly. However, there were a few gems, and if you like that sort of thing then this would be the sort of thing you'd like.

As for "Warlord," it's the sort of thing I like: sword & sorcery-meets-high tech, with a test pilot crashing through a hole at the northpole into the hollow earth to become the legendary Warlord. Awesome storytelling, humor, tragedy, adventure. It's the pick of the two.

Also on this date I teased you that I had just watched "The Time Traveler's Wife" on DVD. I loved the book (I'm a sucker for stories that thoughtfully use time travel). The movie touched me too. There were significant differences between the two, however. I would advise you to read the book first and just let the movie carry you along on its alternate universe plot.

Author Audrey Niffenegger has constructed a confounding non-linear novel told from various points of view that eventually ties together its disparate threads into a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Going to Century, Florida, to celebrate Sawmill Day and meet & greet folks, and sell books (if at all possible) on Saturday, April 24. Find me in the historic district, where I will also be collecting photos and video for a book trailer to promote "Welcome to the Dawning of a New Century."

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