Monday, March 02, 2009

Angel of Death

Want something for free? How about a web TV series about a female assassin, written by one of the top comic writers, starring some of the genre fans' favorites: Lucy Lawless (is not the anti-heroine of the title), Ted Raimi, and DOUG FREAKIN' JONES (without makeup!) join Zoe Bell (as Eve, who starts out strong and ends up with six inches of steel in her skull -- and that's just the first episode).

Angel of Death is an HD, high quality production that is posting an episode every day for the next 10 days. At the site, there are also photo galleries, the backstory of Eve, behind the scenes videos and more. You should really check it out.

No doubt, it will be out on DVD soon, but why pay for something you can see for the next week and a half for free? Here's the first episode:

And when you've finished this, take a gander at some of Brubaker's best work: Today's (other) Pick(s):

Debra brought me this one when I was in the hospital last January. Gritty real-world suspense and espionage in the form of a superhero comic.

This one I actually found at an area Good Will store. Daredevil has been a hot character since Frank Miller's run in the 1980s, but only because writers like Brubaker have continually brought him back to his back-alley, hard-fighting roots.

Today's Word: Noir.

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