Monday, March 30, 2009

Prince of Frogtown

I met Rick Bragg, briefly, when he came to PC to promote Ava's Man, his ode to the grandfather he never knew. I got him to sign my journal (it's a thing I do), and he took the opportunity to leaf through it and show a sketch to others in the line. It was funny, too, because we had to wait while some of his kin dressed him down after his reading. They broke to the front of the line to tell him how it wasn't right, those things he wrote in his book about Cousin So-and-so. They had driven all the way into Panama to tell him to his face. He laughed and said, "Well, you know how she is. I just told it how she is." And they seemed to cool down, and agreed as to how that's just how she is, but that still don't make it right.

Anyway. His latest is about fathers and sons. I found it in hardback at the thrift shop today for $2.50. Having read his earlier efforts, I'm sure this one will satisfy too. I'll let you know. It's Today's Pick:

Today's Word: Kin.

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