Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two's Day

I don't now what that means up there. Just seemed funny at the moment.

Spent part of the evening watching Today's Pick:

When it comes to Lennon, I'm a pushover, of course. Watching this brought me back in time to that December morning when I got up to get ready for school and turned on the radio like every morning, and they were playing "Imagine." I thought it was odd, even then, because Lennon had a new album out and they were playing the new songs these days. And when it was over, the announcer came on and told us he was dead.

I cried. I was 16. What can I say? And maybe you still wonder why I sign off the way I do?

Anyway, tonight, watching the scene after his death, when Central Park was filled by thousands of mourners and they were singing "All You Need is Love," well, I cried again. Sue me. I'm 44, four years older than he was when he died, and for a minute there I was 16 again.

You should see this film. You should get what he was really about.

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