Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Haiku

Fewer days ahead
Than behind him now, he thinks.
Fewer nights remain.

Brilliant ideas lie
Still just out of reach, he thinks.
Or fade with his brain.

(c) 2009 by Tony Simmons
T-minus-44 in the 366 Days recovery program


Today's Pick: Booster Gold: 52 Pickup

Never a huge fan of Booster Gold, I liked his appearances on the various JLA cartoons better than his comedy routines in DC comics. But then Booster's best bud Blue Beetle was murdered and Booster got a little more serious. Now he's traveling the fractured post-Infinity Crisis multiverse to set right problems in the time stream, and he plans to change history by saving Beetle's life. The book is written with humor and pathos by Geoff Johns, and ably illustrated by Dan Jurgens, and I'll be looking for Volume 2 soon.

Today's Word: Adieu, as in farewell, so long, good bye. And here's why:

Very sad to see Heather closing shop. I will write more about this and provide more of our video interview for this weekend's paper. If you live in the area, you should go see the final show, "Narratives," and buy some of her gear (Tshirts, art books, etc) or even some of the art, which she has also discounted. Check her web site for more info.

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