Friday, June 12, 2009

From my latest notebook...

Sitting in Books-a-Million cafe, drinking decaf, writing in my notebook on Monday night, I was trying to put into words a concept about what it means to have money in this world, how people with money live in a different world from the rest of us without actually realizing it, and this is what the man at the next table says to his son, who has been up to this point talking about places he'd like to visit and sports he'd like to play:

"Sometimes it's good just to have some time to do nothing," the man says. "You want to go to Rio? I'm good with that. Rio's cool."

... and I wrote down what he said. And I wondered if the universe was telling me that it agreed with me in general, though it had no intention of helping me do anything about it.

But as I said before: I drink decaf now. I have few illusions.


Also Monday was when I decided to force myself back into the 366 Days project, having skipped more than a month of entries. You can find a link at right to my initial 200 + days of effort, which finally died after being moved to a less user-friendly site. There are some pretty decent tales there, I think, though you'll have to dig to find them. I suggest, if you check it out, to go to the last page and work your way forward along the timeline. I hope you will.

Tomorrow, I'll bring you a story. Tonight, I have spent my time getting a $50 HP Pavilion running that Debra picked up in a yard sale. I'm writing this online with it right now. It works great.


T-minus 43 in the 366 Days recovery program
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