Monday, June 08, 2009

Black Snake Moan Day

... not that this has anything to do with that movie, other than, you know, it's Monday, and you ought to see that movie. Get it? "Moan" day? Of course you do.

That, and I've been moaning for a week or more about how sick I am. I'm probably even more tired of it than you are. Feeling better today, but can't shake the cough. Anyway, that's the biggest reason I haven't been posting, as I've been taking nighttime medicine and going to sleep early.

Bringing you up to speed on recent developments: Last Thursday, I started guitar lessons with Billy Rader. My left fingertips are now sore and developing callouses, as I've been practicing every evening. Friday night, we went to Friday Fest downtown to hear Nathan and Ashley perform at the Rabbit Hole. Saturday was an errands-and-odd-jobs day, and Sunday was beach day followed by some yard work.

And tonight I did some outdoor work, practiced guitar, went to Books-a-Million and wrote in my journal, and decided I would complete the spirit of my aborted 366 Days project by writing every day here through my birthday. Not just these entries, but fiction/poetry/whatever. Starting tomorrow, as I've already taken my nighttime meds and gotten sleepy-headed.

Till then, here's a pick:

Today's Word: Moan.


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