Monday, February 15, 2010

Dress for Success

You'd probably never believe it, because I certainly don't give the appearance of one who cares about his appearance (my wife scolds me for wearing pants that need to be ironed) but I often worry about what I should wear when I go places.

Not "places" like to the grocery store or work. I understand the requirements of such environments. But "places" like a book conference, or a party, or a gala. 'Cuz let's face it: I don't have the wardrobe or style (or cash money) to pull off "gala."

I had to worry about this on the Thursday before Books Alive, when Debra and I went to a "dinner party" for Karen Z at the Clemons castle. On the following evening, I was not so concerned about the meet-and-greet party, as I'd been several times before and knew the routine.

(Daniel Wallace asked if he needed to go to the Gap to pick up nicer clothes for the Saturday "gala," and I knew I was in the right company. But he had an out. As I told him, "You're one of the guests of honor. You can wear what you like.")

(NOTE: We did not attend the gala. I'm sure he was dressed just fine.)

But then, I was stuck thinking about the next morning's Books Alive, and hoped I wasn't going too under-dressed. I decided on the black jeans and a button-up shirt. Then realized that I wanted to wear the David Bowie tour shirt Debra got me for Xmas, so the button-up remained half-buttoned up. Then couldn't decide if I should wear my black dress shoes or just go with the Converse One Stars. I chose comfort.

I made the right decisions. I was gratified to see that Daniel was wearing jeans, black Converse, a blue button-up shirt with a T-shirt showing. This is what the famous author wears; it's good enough for me.

They say you should dress for success. Dress for the life you want to live.

Well, it seems I've got the look. It comes natural to me. ... Now if only the rest would follow ...

What are you wearing?

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