Friday, February 12, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog

... For a special catch-up post. (I will get back to Mr. Wallace later this weekend.) Meanwhile:

Received in the mail this week an advanced copy of THE COLONY by Jillian Weise. Jillian was a middle school student more than a decade ago when she walked into the News Herald office and told me she was going to write a column for the weekly Education section. She was pretty awesome even then. She has had work in literary journals and anthologies, and her first poetry collection was The Amputee's Guide to Sex. I will be coming back with a review of the book and profile of Jillian in the very near future.

Also recently picked up a few books from the discount shelves in the past couple of weeks: Just Another Judgement Day, a Nightside novel by Simon R. Green; Between the Tides by my new acquaintance Patti Callahan Henry; The Book of Ballads and Sagas by Charles Vess. Also, I have two upcoming novels by local folks that I am behind on reading: The Universal Essence by Dean Lincoln Minton; and Miss Hildreth Wore Brown - Anecdotes of a Southern Belle by Olivia Cooley.

I am also trying to work my way through a gift of hundreds of comics from my friend Chris Arrant. Most recently, I have read the first few issues of a series called "Dead Eyes Open," a twist on the zombie tale in which the "returned" have all their memories and no desire to harm anyone, but because living people fear them, they are hunted and kept in internment camps. Spooky stuff.

And oh yeah, I'm also trying to do some writing of my own. So, you know, kinda busy these days.

What are you reading? What are you writing?
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