Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catching up again

Somehow, we missed both Thursday and Friday, so you'll have to wait til next week to figure out what those themes might be. Any guesses?

Today's Pick:

One of the first movies I recall seeing, we went to this at the Century Drive-In. It was the second show in a double feature that started with a John Wayne film. I don't remember which one. Must've been 1970 or so. I remember being scared of the ape men, and fell asleep sometime during the early space travel sequences. I was wide awake during the stargate sequence, and the final scenes where the astronaut grows older and turns into the starchild.

I didn't see it again until it was on HBO in the early 1980s. It made a LOT more sense to me by this time.

That's right: For the time being, the theme for this day of the week corresponds to this song title.

Today's Word: Transformation.

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