Friday, April 10, 2009

Once more thru the Gate

You're probably at least peripherally aware of the Stargate franchise. A movie that became a TV show (Stargate SG1) that launched a spin-off (Stargate Atlantis) and two direct-to-DVD movies, and soon a second spin-off (Stargate Universe). Too much information?

Today's Pick is the better of the two DVD films, Stargate Continuum.

It's an alternate history story. Bad guy Baal changes time so the Stargate program never began, making Earth ripe for his takeover. Luckily, three of the team were in transit through a gate when the shift happened, so they get the chance to set things right. In the process, longtime viewers get to see faces they haven't seen in a looong time, as the writer reached back through the series continuity to dredge up favorite characters and recast them in this altered timeline.

Yeah, I know. GEEK. Whatever.

Today's Word: (Say it with me) Continuum.



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