Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Variations on a Theme

I stayed home today, quite sick. Which is why I didn't post last night, actually. Pretty much slept the day away. Got some meds in the afternoon. Feeling some better, but may be home again tomorrow. (This is how sick I am: FANBOYS is playing at the mall and I don't feel like seeing it.)

Meanwhile, some catchup:

I promised to tell you over the weekend about my plan for themed days. I'd rather let you figure it out, though, and considering how spotty I've been lately, that might be for the best. However, if you guessed today might be Tunesday, you'd be correct. To that end:

Today's Pick is Music from 'The Elder' by KISS.


I was never a member of the KISS Army. Oh, I liked a few of their songs for all the same reasons everyone else did -- they were rockin'! (Uh, er, ah.) Anyway, I walked into a record store in 1981, as you used to do, and they were playing this thing that was like rock-orchestra and told the story of a young man who doesn't believe he has anything special about him, but has been foretold of old to be the hero who would rise to defeat the evil forces of the universe.

Yeah. Joseph Campbell, eat your heart out.

Supposedly, this was going to be a stage musical or a movie, but never got past the album. The band didn't even tour to support the album because initial sales were so bad. It's considered by most KISS fans as their worst, and was a symptom of the band's decline.

Which explains why I liked it, I suppose.


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