Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sorry for the Delay

... or rather, total absense of posts this week. But good news: we're going to start doing some new things together here in coming weeks, with themed days that I'll tell you about this weekend.

Let me cover a couple of things real quick:

1) Life's season finale may well also be the series finale, and MAN. It was GOOD. If you never watched the show, you don't know what you missed. You should check it out on DVD. From Damien Lewis' zen-seeking Charlie Crews to Donal Logue's crass Captain Tidwell, from Sarah Shahi's skeptical Dani Reese to Gabrielle Union's over-achieving Detective Severs, from the oddball crimes of the week to the deadly serious over-arcing plot.

2) Clips of the new Star Trek film are popping up all over the place. This one (young Jim Kirk meets the slightly older country doctor who hates all this space technology) makes me believe I will love this movie: Watch it here.

3) I've run across a couple of websites I've become distracted by. See my blog here.

Today's Word: Payback.

Say G'night, Reese.

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