Monday, February 09, 2009

back on track

Today's Word: Convergence.

Or maybe a better word would be irony? Anyway, at work there's a daily recognition given out for the writer who uses words that one of the editors likes. Some of them are actually quite interesting words. Some of them are just your basic verbs like clap and washed. And while we laugh about the "contest," here I am listing words of my own. Make of that what you will.

Today's Pick: Three Doors Down. Again, say what you will, but I like this band, especially their recent song "Not My Time." Yes, I've seen that National Guard ad at the theater a few too many times, but it's still a good song. But in their defense, I say, "Kryptonite." But back to the newer song: Follow that link and watch the video, which is about someone racing against the clock to change the course of history. It's not my time. I can dig that.

Today's Story: Moonage Daydream.

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