Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Health Expo(sure)

Spent a couple of hours today at the inaugural Health Expo at Edgewater Conference Center, talking to snowbirds about the newspaper and the website, shaking hands, handing out free papers, and so forth. Rod Whiting from Gulf Coast Medical Center told me that an elderly man had stopped by their booth for a heart screening and his numbers were so bad that the staff took him to a nearby doctor's office to have the readout interpreted; the doc sent the fellow straight to the emergency room with orders for an angioplasty.

Ironically, today I saw my doctor for a checkup regarding my ticker, and let's just say he wasn't thrilled with my progress. My cholesterol numbers went in the wrong direction this winter, I've put on 10 pounds (when he already wanted me to lose 5, so I'm 15 too heavy), and I've been off my exercise regimen most of the winter to boot. So I've got new prescriptions, orders to get on the South Beach Diet, and to go from just walking to "intergral" training, which he explained to me is slow/fast/slow/fast (walk/run) to really get my heart working.

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