Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Follow ups and more

Today's Story: Father Crow, one of my scrolls from "The Arturo Fuente Short Story" collection.

Today's Pick: Global Frequency. I was talking to someone the other day about the free-runner in that Third Eye Blind video I linked to, and it got me thinking about an "episode" of the 12-issue series by Warren Ellis, and the best TV series pilot you never saw. At least you can still get and appreciate the source material:

Today's Word: Frequent.

Updates and Followups:

There are some things I made promises about that haven't been seen through yet. Here they are:

On a Weird Friday, I mentioned a report of a local high school girl who got stalked by an inmate because she put her info on the Inter-tubes. Not so. Her brother was an inmate and had given their address to fellow inmates so they could keep in touch. So the lesson becomes: Don't have a brother who's in jail.

That same day I promised to link to this video of Matty J talking about "Nothing."

Another night, I wrote about a video of the Unitarian Church's art night I would link to when it was live. Here it is.

And as a follow-up to yesterday's post about being home sick and wishing my Uncle Eddie would bring me some new comics: When my friend Brady got to work today, he was toting a handfull of old comics. Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, various minor characters and independent titles. Not new comics, but new to me. If I had a heart, that would've warmed it.

(Thanks, Brady!)

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