Friday, January 23, 2009

Weird Friday

Part of my job involves reading incident reports from county and city law enforcement, finding crimes big and small -- and usually a little odd -- to put on our homepage. Today, I found one that needed more than a brief; my colleague Brady is working on it now, and readers will discover it soon enough, but to put it gently: Kids, don't put your personal info on the Web. A local girl got a threatening letter from a 61-year-old male inmate of a state prison who is serving life for murder. I'll link you to the story when it posts in the next day or so.

I also spent a half-hour downtown talking to my friend Matty Jankowski, a true philosopher and artist, who wanted to talk about "Nothing." It's the title of his installation on display in the breezeway of the Sherman Arcade building. I have a video of the talk, which I'll post on Monday and link to here as well. Meanwhile, check this photo for a glimpse of the man and his wonderful madness. Matty also showed me two pieces he's showing at the Gallery Above's second annual Heartbeats exhibit.

Last February, he printed and framed a photo of Marisa with a heart on her shirt as part of the show. She signed it with a "shout out" to Tony. He brought it to me for her vigil, and he sat among us through the evening, and told me to keep the portrait. It's on top of a cabinet in our living room, and I thank him often when I look at it. I look at it several times a day.

Today's Pick: Nothing. (Or rather, Not for Nothing.)

Todays' Word: Friend.

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