Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some added detail

Allow me to add a few new links to some recent posts.

Friday, Battlestar Galactica begins its final run of 10 episodes. If you need a refresher, there's an awesome pair of videos you should watch: Everything you need to know about nearly four seasons of the show in all of 13 minutes. Very funny, too.

Part 1 (Seasons 1-3):

Part 2 (Season 4 so far):

Also, to go out with a real bang, the company is auctioning just about everything from the Galactica storehouse to raise money for charity. Costumes, props, full-size vipers and raiders, even a Cyclon costume. Check it out.


Watch all 17 episodes of The Prisoner at AMC's website, and get updated info on the cable channel's 2009 miniseries event - and all-new version of the show starring Jim Caviezel as Six and Sir Ian McKellen as Two.

And by the way, I hope you're not just reading these in your email, because you're probably missing some of the links. Be sure to visit the actual blog.


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