Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weird Sunday

We're usually busy on Sundays, taking care of house maintenance and other chores, or running errands. Sometimes we take a few hours on a Sunday to work on crafts or arts. Today was a weird one, because both my wife and daughter are sick, and I'm still getting over the cold I had, so we were pretty much useless. Slept a lot. Watched TV.

I spent some time watching episodes of Highlander (the TV series) and the documentaries and other extras on the discs. You may recall the show, with Adrian Paul as Duncan McLeod, the immortal swordsman. It was a typical 1990s actioner, with mystical elements and historical flashbacks (same thing you'd have seen on Forever Knight, The Immortal, and later on Angel and New Amsterdam). But this one had the copyright on those sequences, having lifted the idea directly from the original Highlander movie. The swordplay was always well choreographed, the flashbacks full of meaning, the interplay of characters more natural as the series progressed. It is, of course, Today's Pick:

Also visited the library, where I picked up a few graphic novels. I'll fill you in on them later, after I've had a chance to read'em. Yesterday, went to Goodwill and picked up a couple of books (all books were half price yesterday) - got Star Wars: Dark Empire (a graphic novel), and Battlestar Galactica: Warhawk (a hardback written by Richard Hatch, who was the 1970s vintage Apollo on the show). Yes, once again, my taste for cheesy sci-fi wins the day.

Today's Word: Cheese.

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