Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday at the Library

So I'm sitting in the lobby of the Bay County Public Library in Panama City. The circulation desk is busy and loud, the "Read Again Book Store" has several folks browsing the shelves, and every department is full of people.

And I'm thinking about Books Alive! 2009.

The event is Saturday, Feb. 7, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Gulf Coast Community College. Most of the sessions take place in the classrooms ringing the second floor, with book sales in the main conference room. Admission is FREE. There's a "literary luncheon" at noon in the cafeteria, which is $20 a plate, with a keynote speaker.

I will be introducing my friend Janis Owens who will team once again with Michael Morris to discuss Southern storytelling. They have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Last year, I had to leave early because we were trying to get to Jay Hospital to see Grandma Massey. It was a troubled day for all of us in my family for one reason or another. But we got to the hospital and spent some time with her, and that's what's important.

This year, I may have to leave early again. We will have visitors at our house that weekend (Debra's sister and her family), and we planned to go to the Mardi Gras parade in Panama City, which starts at 3 p.m. Meaning we'll want to get a spot along the street by 2 or 2:30 at the latest.

Add to this that Jessi will have a district choral event that morning at Gulf Beach Baptist Church, and we will be spread thin at the very least. We have some transportation logistics to figure out.

But back to Books Alive. I plan to bring copies of CITY LIMITS volume 2, as well as Volume 1 and a few other books. But I don't expect that to be the draw. If you like books or writing then you should really try to make it out, as there are so many different kinds of writers involved that there's bound to be a topic you're interested in. Check out the link above for specifics on the featured guest writers who will lead sessions, as well as the local authors who will attend to sell their books in the conference room.

No pick or word today. Back to that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, check out my blog (which is a reprint of my Sunday column today): Navel gazing in a holographic universe.

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