Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Humpday chill

Another day at the races comes to a close. I've taken up walking again after a long winter of over-eating. Also drinking more water, eating less snacks, smaller portions, all that. Had a blood test today and have a Doc checkup next week.

Today's Pick: Serenity. A coworker asked me if it was any good. I nodded vigorously. You don't have to have seen the Firefly TV series to "get" it, but if you have seen Firefly, then it will have an even bigger impact on you emotionally. So okay, a double pick:

Firefly (and Serenity, which is the sequel to the series and also the name of the ship featured in the series and movie) is the story of Malcolm Reynolds, a man of conscience who was on the losing side of a civil war in deep space. Now he just tries to get by running cargo among the rim worlds. Until River and Simon Tam fall into his lap one day, on the run from the central government. Somebody did something to River's brain, turning her into a weapon and taking her sanity. The show stars Nathan Fillion (soon to appear in a new series, Castle, on ABC). Adam Baldwin (now featured on Chuck), Summer Glau (the teen Terminator on Fox's Sarah Conner Chronicles), Gina Torres (a familiar face on various series including Criminal Minds and Eli Stone), Jewel Staite (most recently seen on Stargate Atlantis), Ron Glass (Dirty Sexy Money, Barney Miller), Sean Maher (various small roles), Alan Tudyk (CSI, Knocked Up, Dodge Ball), and Morena Baccarin (Also recently a regular on Stargate SG1). Here's the kicker: Created by Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible, and the upcoming Dollhouse). SEE IT. Better yet, OWN IT.

Today's Word: Serenity.


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