Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Girl from the Wrong End of Time

Today's Story: This is a follow-up to yesterday's story, but while Emele is featured, she's never actually named and the story is told from another person's POV. Hope you enjoy it.

Today's Word: Parallax. (See "POV" above, and "perspective" below.)

Today's Pick: Gotham Central (Vol. 1): In the Line of Duty. I just picked this up today at the Bay County Public Library, which has a growing collection of graphic novels. (Look for them in the adult section by the story collections, and in the children's section in the far corner.) It's a highly realistic look at crime fighting from the street level, regular-joe's perspective, written with real grit by Rucka and Brubaker.


Spent the evening last night at Crossbridge Church, not for services, but to hear some bands perform. A storefront at a 15th Street strip mall, it is rented out as a venue on Fridays. Got to hear my son sing as lead vocalist of Not Ourselves, which includes his girlfriend Ashley Rader on keyboards and vocals, and they had their friend Giles on guitar for a couple of tunes. Have a listen right here.

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