Friday, January 09, 2009

Sure Happy It's Friday Tonight

... Or whatever.

ANYway. Everyone at work seems to be in one stage or another of the creeping head/chest cold. Hope it's not Captain Trips. I'm looking forward to sleeping through the night at some point in the near future. 'Til then, let's talk about:

Today's Pick: Stargate Atlantis. That's right, one of the cheesiest sci-fi action shows on TV, but tonight marks its final episode. I generally DVR these and watch them in bursts; that is, I watch a minute, jump ahead a few minutes, watch a few minutes. That kind of thing. But then came the final season, and the crew decided to show us what they could really do. This season's shows have broken out of the formula, and even offered an alternate reality episode that was as stylish and action-packed as anything you ever saw on TV -- and actually had repercussions in the regular timeline. Start picking this one up.

Today's Story: Let me recommend a free online web comic. Freak Angels explores the idea of what would happen if the Midwich cuckoos had grown up and changed the world. Six new pages are published each Friday. It's by Warren Ellis, which means it's not for everyone, but if you're a grownup with an ounce of imagination, you ought to take a look. The first volume of the story is even available in book form:

Today's Word: Persevere. (Hint: He was the real Superman.)

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