Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remember, remember ...

...the fifth of November.

Today's Pick (part uno): We got sidetracked today by many things, but the most entertaining was watching V for Vendetta, the movie based on Alan Moore's graphic novel. Stylish, literate, violent, politically powerful, thought provoking. Filled with great actors, marvelous action, brilliant effects and direction and editing. Highly recommended.

And then, I changed out the old vinyl albums on the wall. I have a set of six album frames and I periodically change out the albums in them. Recently, they held Christmas records. Today, I put some soundtracks by pop bands: Toto's Dune, Queen's Flash Gordon, Tangerine Dream's Legend, Pat Matheny/David Bowie's The Falcon and the Snowman, Giorgio Moroder (and various artists) Metropolis, and Queen's A Kind of Magic (music from Highlander and Iron Eagle).

Today's Pick (part duex): I put an old ELO album on the turntable in Nathan's room: Time. As close as I can tell, it's a concept album about a man from the 1980s sent to 2095, a media/news-saturated era, and despite the wonders, the moon flights and robot loves, all he wants to to get back home. Sonme great operatic/electronic rock and roll, and one of my all-time favorite albums. It ends with the upbeat and rollicking "Hold on Tight to Your Dream": "When you see the shadows falling, when you hear that cold wind calling, Hold on tight to your dream."

Today's Word: Dream.


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