Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday

No picks today (unless you want a favorite ad pick, but I'm still trying to decide) as we spent the evening at the Rader's house watching the Super Bowl. Except I missed the third quarter, as Billy got a call from one of our neighbors about a prowler on our street, trying to break into houses. I went home to check it out and talked to the city K9 officer who was in my front yard. She'd been in our back yard and into our garage, checked our back doors. Apparently the prowler had been trying to get in the back doors of the houses. I went inside, got Jessi's Zombie Basher, and checked the rooms and closets and under the beds. All clear. And that fourth quarter! Wow!

See you tomorrow.

UPDATE: Favorite ad was HULU. (My brain was so mushy it took a while to decide.)
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