Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Sick

When I was a kid and stayed home sick, I'd spend much of the day reading. I recall reading Tarzan of the Apes one day while my mom bustled around the house. Once at Grandma's I picked up a Star Trek novel my uncle had. And of course, Uncle Eddie would always bring me comics. Always DC comics, though, never Marvel or Archie. This was after the revival of Captain Marvel ("Shazam!") he'd often bring me new issues of that along with some Batman and Superman.

I'm thinking about this because I'm home sick today. And while I have plenty of comics in the house, I don't have anything new. I thought about sneaking out to the comic shop, but that would be wrong.

However, I have been reading "Slow Way Home" by Michael Morris, and he was right to suggest it for me. (It has to be today's pick.) It's beautifully written, and it's set in a time I'm familiar with (apparently the late 1960s, early 1970s) or at least is told by a boy who is young in that time and relates things in his life to Buffy and Jody from "Family Affair" or thinks someone reminds him of Endora from "Bewitched." He's growing up in a small town in North Carolina, which could as easily have been a small town anywhere in the South. I recognize the folks who live there. I am so loving the book, and when I finish it, I'm going to go out and get his earlier book, "Wiregrass," also.

Today's Word: Homesick.

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Unknown said...

I'm back at work today, and my friend Brady brought me comics.

All is right in the world.