Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The end of hope

...For my home PC, at least. The IT guys tell me my best bet is to remove the hard-drive, slave it to another PC and grab my photo and document files off of it, then kiss it goodbye.

Meanwhile, way too busy at work, covering for two people (or at least one) who have been out sick for a couple of days.

And actually got some work done outside the house this afternoon.

So, short and sweet:

Today's Pick:

Which I recently borrowed from the Bay County library. Great visuals, and a compelling storyline that made sense, unlike what I can make out of Grant Morrison's recent runs with Batman RIP and Final Crisis. (If you're a comics nerd, that previous sentence will make sense to you. If not, then you're about as lost as comics nerds were in Morrison's version of "event" comics.)

Today's Word: Metafiction. Think "Stranger than Fiction."

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