Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whither goest yon day?

Gone until tomorrow, methinks.

Whatever. I lost a day's work at the office by traveling with the new boss to consult on web updates at the Port St. Joe office. Just means there will be that much more to do in the bright-and-early.

Meanwhile, I'm working tonight on a super-secret project that does not involve my day job. If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya. So let's move on.

Today's Pick:

As I've tried to explain to my friend(s), I don't like BAD movies. I like B movies. They don't believe me because I also say to them things like, "You should watch Barbarella." That, and I named my truck after this movie because I like the Scott Weiland song of the same name. Did you know Duran Duran was named after the scientist Barbarella searches for in this movie? ANyway, this is not a classic for nothing. It's a classic because it is so terribly bad that it goes all the way around the bend and becomes entertaining again.

This pick's for Marisa. She sat mesmerized on our couch one evening and watched it with me when nobody else would.

Today's Word: Metal Hurlant.

Say G'night, Jane.

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